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Sep 30

Colin McDonald : 30-Sep-84
Date Acquisition
30-Sep-67Ed Van Impe signed
30-Sep-76Drew Callander demoted
30-Sep-76Bob Ritchie demoted
30-Sep-76Craig Hamner demoted
30-Sep-76Murray Cawker demoted
30-Sep-77Drew Callander demoted
30-Sep-77Rick St.Croix demoted
30-Sep-77John Paddock demoted
30-Sep-77Jerome Mrazek demoted
30-Sep-80Glen Cochrane demoted
30-Sep-80Blake Wesley demoted
30-Sep-84Nick Kypreos signed as a free agent
30-Sep-85Steve Martinson signed as a free agent
30-Sep-88Marc D'Amour signed as a free agent
30-Sep-90Claude Boivin demoted
30-Sep-90Reid Simpson demoted
30-Sep-90Bill Armstrong demoted
30-Sep-90Jeff Harding demoted
30-Sep-90Brian Dobbin demoted
30-Sep-90Chris Jensen demoted
30-Sep-90Steve Scheifel demoted
30-Sep-90Len Barrie demoted
30-Sep-90Craig Fisher demoted
30-Sep-90Mark Freer demoted
30-Sep-90Kent Hawley demoted
30-Sep-90Tim Tookey demoted
30-Sep-90Mark Bassen demoted
30-Sep-90Dave Fenyves demoted
30-Sep-90Mike Stothers demoted
30-Sep-90Shaun Sabol demoted
30-Sep-90Scott Sandelin demoted
30-Sep-90Darren Rumble demoted
30-Sep-90Lance Pattik demoted
30-Sep-90Steve Beadle demoted
30-Sep-90Bill Armstrong demoted
30-Sep-90Bruce Hoffort demoted
30-Sep-90Marc D'Amour demoted
30-Sep-90Dominic Roussel demoted
30-Sep-92Wes Walz demoted
30-Sep-94Dan Kordic demoted (conditioning assignment)
30-Sep-96Bob Corkum lost to Phoenix Coyotes via waiver draft
30-Sep-96Rob DiMaio lost to San Jose Sharks via waiver draft
30-Sep-99Kam White released
30-Sep-99Bujar Amidovski demoted
30-Sep-99Martin Cerven demoted
30-Sep-99Sergei Skrobot demoted
30-Sep-02Jeff Woywitka sent back to juniors
30-Sep-08Oskars Bartulis demoted
30-Sep-08Tim Ramholt demoted
30-Sep-08Mike Ratchuk demoted
30-Sep-08Rob Bellamy demoted
30-Sep-08Frederik Cabana demoted
30-Sep-08Matt Clackson demoted
30-Sep-08Garrett Klotz demoted
30-Sep-08David Laliberte demoted
30-Sep-08Ned Lukacevic demoted
30-Sep-08Patrick Maroon demoted
30-Sep-08Jon Matsumoto demoted
30-Sep-08Nate Raduns demoted
30-Sep-08Jeremy Duchesne demoted
30-Sep-08Tim Branham released
30-Sep-08Brad Brown released
30-Sep-08Igor Karlov released
30-Sep-08Mike Kaye released
30-Sep-08Dennis Packard released
30-Sep-08Mike Hoffman released
30-Sep-09Randy Jones demoted
30-Sep-13Bruno Gervais demoted
30-Sep-13Adam Hall demoted
30-Sep-15Chris Porter put on waivers
30-Sep-15Colin McDonald put on waivers

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