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Overall Record: 0 W - 0 L - 0 T ( 0 GF - 0 GA )

Home Record: 0 W - 0 L - 0 T ( 0 GF - 0 GA )

Road Record: 0 W - 0 L - 0 T ( 0 GF - 0 GA )

Last Game vs Team

Overall2-Feb-16 : Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Flyers 4
Home27-Jan-16 : Flyers 4 @ Washington Capitals 3 (OT)
Road2-Feb-16 : Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Flyers 4

Last Win vs Team

Overall2-Feb-16 : Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Flyers 4
Home27-Jan-16 : Flyers 4 @ Washington Capitals 3 (OT)
Road2-Feb-16 : Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Flyers 4

Last Loss vs Team

Overall25-Jan-16 : Boston Bruins 3 @ Flyers 2
Home21-Jan-16 : Flyers 3 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 4
Road25-Jan-16 : Boston Bruins 3 @ Flyers 2

Current Streak vs Team

Overall2 game winning streak
Home1 game winning streak
Road1 game winning streak


Date Player #   Score Goalies
9-Mar-72Bill Flett1 Flyers 5 - Los Angeles Kings 3G.Edwards
26-Jan-13Matt Read1 Florida Panthers Flyers - 7 Florida Panthers1 Jose Theodore (2)

Regular Season Overtime Goals

Date Scorer Score Time
20-Nov-83Bobby ClarkePittsburgh Penguins 4 @ Flyers 52:43
5-Jan-84Ilkka SinisaloWinnipeg Jets 6 @ Flyers 72:32
19-Feb-84Tim KerrFlyers 3 @ New York Rangers 21:33
5-Mar-85Dave PoulinFlyers 5 @ New York Islanders 42:18
17-Nov-85Murray CravenNew York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 53:52
22-Dec-85Murray CravenPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 32:12
15-Mar-86Doug CrossmanFlyers 6 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 52:43
5-Apr-86Illka SinisaloFlyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 31:49
26-Mar-87Dave PoulinQuebec Nordiques 2 @ Flyers 33:22
15-Feb-88Dave BrownHartford Whalers 4 @ Flyers 53:35
9-Oct-88Ron SutterBuffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 42:44
7-Dec-89Ron SutterBuffalo Sabres 3 @ Flyers 40:24
3-Feb-90Mike BullardMinnesota North Stars 6 @ Flyers 74:51
13-Mar-91Murray BaronFlyers 5 @ Vancouver Canucks 43:09
22-Dec-91Brad JonesWashington Capitals 3 @ Flyers 41:10
11-Mar-92Rod Brind'AmourCalgary Flames 4 @ Flyers 51:54
14-Nov-92Kevin DineenFlyers 4 @ Montreal Canadiens 30:48
3-Dec-92Claude BoivinQuebec Nordiques 2 @ Flyers 32:03
24-Jan-93Ric NattressHartford Whalers 4 @ Flyers 52:37
16-Apr-93Dimiri YushkevichFlyers 5 @ Hartford Whalers 41:25
27-Nov-93Kevin DineenFlyers 4 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 30:34
10-Feb-94Eric LindrosFlorida Panthers 3 @ Flyers 40:50
24-Feb-94Rod Brind'AmourNew York Islanders 4 @ Flyers 51:25
18-Mar-95Eric LindrosFlyers 4 @ Florida Panthers 32:13
16-Apr-95Rod Brind'AmourPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 41:30
22-Apr-95John LeClairFlyers 4 @ New Jersey Devils 30:54
19-Nov-95Chris TherienVancouver Canucks 2 @ Flyers 30:32
29-Nov-95Kevin HallerFlyers 2 @ Florida Panthers 14:30
1-Feb-96Eric DesjardinsMontreal Canadiens 2 @ Flyers 34:30
29-Mar-96Bob CorkumFlyers 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 53:50
10-Oct-96Rod Brind'AmourLos Angeles Kings 4 @ Flyers 50:33
22-Feb-97Eric LindrosFlyers 4 @ Florida Panthers 34:03
13-Mar-97Eric LindrosEdmonton Oilers 4 @ Flyers 54:16
13-Oct-97Eric LindrosFlyers 3 @ San Jose Sharks 21:49
8-Mar-98Alexandre DaiglePittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:03
22-Mar-98Shjon PodeinNew York Rangers 4 @ Flyers 54:39
22-Nov-98Keith JonesFlyers 2 @ Florida Panthers 10:26
29-Dec-98Valeri ZelepukinFlyers 4 @ Calgary Flames 31:57
28-Oct-99Valeri ZelepukinColorado Avalanche 4 @ Flyers 54:51
26-Nov-99Mark RecchiToronto Maple Leafs 2 @ Flyers 34:08
29-Dec-99Adam BurtFlyers 3 @ Vancouver Canucks 22:34
12-Feb-00John LeclairBuffalo Sabres 2 @ Flyers 32:28
24-Feb-00Luke RichardsonPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:51
8-Mar-00Eric DesjardinsFlyers 3 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 23:49
15-Nov-00Mark RecchiFlyers 2 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 13:26
17-Nov-00Dan McGillisFlyers 3 @ Atlanta Thrashers 21:01
23-Dec-00Dan McGillisCarolina Hurricanes 1 @ Flyers 23:50
7-Apr-01John LeClairPittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Flyers 44:39
10-Nov-01John LeClairFlyers 3 @ Florida Panthers 24:17
22-Dec-01Mark RecchiCarolina Hurricanes 3 @ Flyers 40:27
29-Jan-02Marty MurrayPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 31:47
5-Nov-02John LeClairFlyers 2 @ Carolina Hurricanes 11:56
30-Nov-02Justin WilliamsFlyers 2 @ Montreal Canadiens 14:53
5-Dec-02Michal HandzusNew York Rangers 2 @ Flyers 34:23
27-Dec-02Eric DesjardinsFlyers 2 @ Colorado Avalanche 11:38
13-Feb-03Michal HandzusFlyers 4 @ St.Louis Blues 32:02
1-Mar-03Jeremy RoenickFlyers 3 @ Boston Bruins 21:00
8-Nov-03Marcus RagnarssonFlyers 2 @ New York Rangers 11:01
13-Nov-03Simon GagneVancouver Canucks 3 @ Flyers 41:47
14-Oct-05Mike RathjePittsburgh Penguins 5 @ Flyers 63:17
27-Oct-05Joni PitkanenFlorida Panthers 4 @ Flyers 51:13
8-Nov-05Joni PitkanenBoston Bruins 3 @ Flyers 41:55
28-Dec-05Sami KapanenFlyers 4 @ Atlanta Thrashers 30:13
29-Dec-05Sami KapanenFlyers 4 @ Carolina Hurricanes 31:27
5-Jan-06Simon GagneFlyers 4 @ New York Rangers 30:07
30-Jan-06Joni PitkanenFlyers 3 @ New York Rangers 21:28
10-Feb-07Simon GagneSt.Louis Blues 3 @ Flyers 40:27
1-Mar-07Scottie UpshallFlyers 4 @ Boston Bruins 34:50
6-Mar-07Simon GagneNew Jersey Devils 4 @ Flyers 51:47
20-Oct-07Simon GagneCarolina Hurricanes 2 @ Flyers 30:48
25-Mar-08Mike RichardsFlyers 2 @ New York Rangers 1 2:16
25-Oct-08 Jeff CarterNew Jersey Devils 2 @ Flyers 3 3:44
30-Oct-08Jeff CarterNew York Islanders 2 @ Flyers 34:37
22-Nov-08 Mike RichardsPhoenix Coyotes 3 @ Flyers 41:35
2-Dec-08 Mike RichardsTampa Bay Lightning 3 @ Flyers 42:05
6-Dec-08 Jeff CarterFlyers 2 @ Carolina Hurricanes 13:34
7-Feb-09 Randy JonesFlyers 4 @ Boston Bruins 3 3:00
6-Oct-09 Daniel BriereWashington Capitals 5 @ Flyers 6 3:52
11-Dec-10Mike RichardsFlyers 2 @ Boston Bruins 14:57
18-Jan-11Andrej MeszarosWashington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 31:07
23-Nov-11 Daniel BrierFlyers 4 @ New York Islanders 32:26
2-Dec-11 Claude GirouxFlyers 4 @ Anaheim Mighty Ducks 3 3:29
7-Dec-11Claude GirouxFlyers 5 @ Buffalo Sabres 4 2:37
7-Jan-12Daniel BriereOttawa Senators 2 @ Flyers 3 4:54
21-Feb-12Jaromir JagrFlyers 5 @ Winnipeg Jets 44:16
18-Mar-12 Scott HartnellPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 3 4:59
7-Jan-14Brayden SchennFlyers 3 @ New Jersey Devils 21:50
2-Mar-14Vincent LecavalierFlyers 5 @ Washington Capitals 42:45
18-Mar-14Claude GirouxChicago Blackhawks 2 @ Flyers 3 4:55
12-Apr-14Mark StreitFlyers 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 32:10
18-Oct-14Claude GirouxFlyers 6 @ Dallas Stars 52:49
28-Oct-14Brayden SchennLos Angeles Kings 2 @ Flyers 32:36
31-Dec-14Ryan O';ReillyFlyers 3 @ Colorado Avalanche 44:40
8-Jan-15Jakub VoracekWashington Capitals 2 @ Flyers 31:28
20-Jan-15Claude GirouxPittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Flyers 33:57
10-Feb-15David DesharnaisFlyers 1 @ Montreal Canadiens 23:27
13-Feb-15Atem AnisimovtFlyers 3 @ Columbus Blue Jackets 42:17
3-Mar-15Jiri HudlerCalgary Flames 3 @ Flyers 21"23
7-Mar-15Brad MarchandFlyers 2 @ Boston Bruins 33:52
21-Mar-15Ryan Nugent-HopkinsFlyers 4 @ Edmonton Oilers 52:46
21-Oct-15Claude GirouxFlyers 5 @ Boston Bruins 42:09
14-Nov-15Jakub VoracekFlyers 3 @ Carolina Hurricanes 20:37
23-Nov-15Shayne GostisbehereCarolina Hurricanes 2 @ Flyers 30:24
27-Nov-15Shayne Gostisbehere Nashville Predators 2 @ Flyers 34:08
4-Dec-15Matt ReadFlyers 4 @ New Jersey Devils 33:24
7-Jan-16Michael Del ZottoFlyers 4 @ Minnesota Wild 34:23
27-Jan-16Jakub VoracekFlyers 4 @ Washington Capitals 30:38
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
28-Aug-89rights to Jiri LatalToronto Maple Leafs1991 7th Rounder (traded back to Flyers - Andre Lomakin)
5-Feb-98Mike SillingerVancouver CanucksPhiladelphia's 1998 5th Rounder (later traded back to Flyers - Garrett Prosofsky)


Date Road Team Home Team Results
4-Apr-68St.Louis Blues1@Flyers0L Boxscore
6-Apr-68St.Louis Blues3@Flyers4W Boxscore
10-Apr-68Flyers2@St.Louis Blues3L OT Boxscore
11-Apr-68Flyers2@St.Louis Blues5L Boxscore
13-Apr-68St.Louis Blues1@Flyers6W Boxscore
16-Apr-68Flyers2@St.Louis Blues1W OT Boxscore
18-Apr-68St.Louis Blues3@Flyers1L Boxscore
2-Apr-69Flyers2@St.Louis Blues5L Boxscore
3-Apr-69Flyers0@St.Louis Blues5L Boxscore
5-Apr-69St.Louis Blues3@Flyers0L Boxscore
6-Apr-69St.Louis Blues4@Flyers1L Boxscore
7-Apr-71Flyers2@Chicago Blackhawks5L Boxscore
8-Apr-71Flyers2@Chicago Blackhawks6L Boxscore
10-Apr-71Chicago Blackhawks3@Flyers2L Boxscore
11-Apr-71Chicago Blackhawks6@Flyers2L Boxscore
4-Apr-73Minnesota North Stars3@Flyers0L Boxscore
5-Apr-73Minnesota North Stars1@Flyers4W Boxscore
7-Apr-73Flyers0@Minnesota North Stars5L Boxscore
8-Apr-73Flyers3@Minnesota North Stars0W Boxscore
10-Apr-73Minnesota North Stars2@Flyers3W OT Boxscore
12-Apr-73Flyers4@Minnesota North Stars1W Boxscore
14-Apr-73Flyers5@Montreal Canadiens4W OT Boxscore
16-Apr-73Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens4L OT Boxscore
19-Apr-73Montreal Canadiens2@Flyers1L Boxscore
22-Apr-73Montreal Canadiens4@Flyers1L Boxscore
24-Apr-73Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens5L Boxscore
9-Apr-74Atlanta Flames1@Flyers4W Boxscore
11-Apr-74Atlanta Flames1@Flyers5W Boxscore
12-Apr-74Flyers4@Atlanta Flames1W Boxscore
14-Apr-74Flyers4@Atlanta Flames3W OT Boxscore
20-Apr-74New York Rangers0@Flyers4W Boxscore
23-Apr-74New York Rangers2@Flyers5W Boxscore
25-Apr-74Flyers3@New York Rangers5L Boxscore
28-Apr-74Flyers1@New York Rangers2L OT Boxscore
30-Apr-74New York Rangers1@Flyers4W Boxscore
2-May-74Flyers1@New York Rangers4L Boxscore
5-May-74New York Rangers3@Flyers4W Boxscore
7-May-74Flyers2@Boston Bruins3L Boxscore
9-May-74Flyers3@Boston Bruins2W OT Boxscore
12-May-74Boston Bruins1@Flyers4W Boxscore
14-May-74Boston Bruins2@Flyers4W Boxscore
16-May-74Flyers1@Boston Bruins5L Boxscore
19-May-74Boston Bruins0@Flyers1W Boxscore
13-Apr-75Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers6W Boxscore
15-Apr-75Toronto Maple Leafs0@Flyers3W Boxscore
17-Apr-75Flyers2@Toronto Maple Leafs0W Boxscore
19-Apr-75Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W OT Boxscore
29-Apr-75New York Islanders0@Flyers4W Boxscore
1-May-75New York Islanders4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
4-May-75Flyers1@New York Islanders0W Boxscore
7-May-75Flyers3@New York Islanders4L OT Boxscore
8-May-75New York Islanders5@Flyers1L Boxscore
11-May-75Flyers1@New York Islanders2L Boxscore
13-May-75New York Islanders1@Flyers4W Boxscore
15-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
18-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers2W Boxscore
20-May-75Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres5L OT Boxscore
22-May-75Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
25-May-75Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers5W Boxscore
27-May-75Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres0W Boxscore
12-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
13-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers3W Boxscore
15-Apr-76Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs5L Boxscore
17-Apr-76Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs4L Boxscore
20-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers7W Boxscore
22-Apr-76Flyers5@Toronto Maple Leafs8L Boxscore
25-Apr-76Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers7W Boxscore
27-Apr-76Boston Bruins4@Flyers2L Boxscore
29-Apr-76Boston Bruins1@Flyers2W OT Boxscore
2-May-76Flyers5@Boston Bruins2W Boxscore
4-May-76Flyers4@Boston Bruins2W Boxscore
6-May-76Boston Bruins3@Flyers6W Boxscore
9-May-76Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens4L Boxscore
11-May-76Flyers1@Montreal Canadiens2L Boxscore
13-May-76Montreal Canadiens3@Flyers2L Boxscore
16-May-76Montreal Canadiens5@Flyers3L Boxscore
11-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs3@Flyers2L Boxscore
13-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs4@Flyers1L Boxscore
15-Apr-77Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W OT Boxscore
17-Apr-77Flyers6@Toronto Maple Leafs5W OT Boxscore
19-Apr-77Toronto Maple Leafs0@Flyers2W Boxscore
21-Apr-77Flyers4@Toronto Maple Leafs3W Boxscore
24-Apr-77Boston Bruins4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
26-Apr-77Boston Bruins5@Flyers4L OT Boxscore
28-Apr-77Flyers1@Boston Bruins2L Boxscore
1-May-77Flyers0@Boston Bruins3L Boxscore
11-Apr-78Colorado Rockies2@Flyers3W OT Boxscore
13-Apr-78Flyers3@Colorado Rockies1W Boxscore
17-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
19-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
22-Apr-78Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
23-Apr-78Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
25-Apr-78Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers4W Boxscore
2-May-78Flyers2@Boston Bruins3L Boxscore
4-May-78Flyers5@Boston Bruins7L Boxscore
7-May-78Boston Bruins1@Flyers3W Boxscore
9-May-78Boston Bruins4@Flyers2L Boxscore
11-May-78Flyers3@Boston Bruins6L Boxscore
10-Apr-79Vancouver Canucks3@Flyers2L Boxscore
12-Apr-79Flyers6@Vancouver Canucks4W Boxscore
14-Apr-79Vancouver Canucks2@Flyers7W Boxscore
16-Apr-79New York Rangers2@Flyers3W OT Boxscore
18-Apr-79New York Rangers7@Flyers1L Boxscore
20-Apr-79Flyers1@New York Rangers5L Boxscore
22-Apr-79Flyers0@New York Rangers6L Boxscore
24-Apr-79New York Rangers8@Flyers3L Boxscore
8-Apr-80Edmonton Oilers3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
9-Apr-80Edmonton Oilers1@Flyers5W Boxscore
11-Apr-80Flyers3@Edmonton Oilers2W OT Boxscore
16-Apr-80New York Rangers1@Flyers2W Boxscore
17-Apr-80New York Rangers1@Flyers4W Boxscore
19-Apr-80Flyers3@New York Rangers0W Boxscore
20-Apr-80Flyers2@New York Rangers4L Boxscore
22-Apr-80New York Rangers1@Flyers3W Boxscore
29-Apr-80Minnesota North Stars6@Flyers5L Boxscore
1-May-80Minnesota North Stars0@Flyers7W Boxscore
4-May-80Flyers5@Minnesota North Stars3W Boxscore
6-May-80Flyers3@Minnesota North Stars2W Boxscore
8-May-80Minnesota North Stars3@Flyers7W Boxscore
13-May-80New York Islanders4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
15-May-80New York Islanders3@Flyers8W Boxscore
17-May-80Flyers2@New York Islanders6L Boxscore
19-May-80Flyers2@New York Islanders5L Boxscore
22-May-80New York Islanders3@Flyers6W Boxscore
24-May-80Flyers4@New York Islanders5L OT Boxscore
8-Apr-81Quebec Nordiques4@Flyers6W Boxscore
9-Apr-81Quebec Nordiques5@Flyers8W Boxscore
11-Apr-81Flyers0@Quebec Nordiques2L Boxscore
12-Apr-81Flyers3@Quebec Nordiques4L OT Boxscore
14-Apr-81Quebec Nordiques2@Flyers5W Boxscore
16-Apr-81Calgary Flames0@Flyers4W Boxscore
17-Apr-81Calgary Flames5@Flyers4L Boxscore
19-Apr-81Flyers1@Calgary Flames2L Boxscore
20-Apr-81Flyers4@Calgary Flames5L Boxscore
22-Apr-81Calgary Flames4@Flyers9W Boxscore
24-Apr-81Flyers3@Calgary Flames2W Boxscore
26-Apr-81Calgary Flames4@Flyers1L Boxscore
7-Apr-82Flyers4@New York Rangers1W Boxscore
8-Apr-82Flyers3@New York Rangers7L Boxscore
10-Apr-82New York Rangers4@Flyers3L Boxscore
11-Apr-82New York Rangers7@Flyers5L Boxscore
5-Apr-83New York Rangers5@Flyers3L Boxscore
7-Apr-83New York Rangers4@Flyers3L Boxscore
9-Apr-83Flyers3@New York Rangers9L Boxscore
4-Apr-84Flyers2@Washington Capitals4L Boxscore
5-Apr-84Flyers2@Washington Capitals6L Boxscore
7-Apr-84Washington Capitals5@Flyers1L Boxscore
10-Apr-85New York Rangers4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
11-Apr-85New York Rangers1@Flyers3W Boxscore
13-Apr-85Flyers6@New York Rangers5W Boxscore
18-Apr-85New York Islanders0@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-85New York Islanders2@Flyers5W Boxscore
23-Apr-85Flyers5@New York Islanders3W Boxscore
25-Apr-85Flyers2@New York Islanders6L Boxscore
28-Apr-85New York Islanders0@Flyers1W Boxscore
5-May-85Flyers1@Quebec Nordiques2L OT Boxscore
7-May-85Flyers4@Quebec Nordiques2W Boxscore
9-May-85Quebec Nordiques2@Flyers4W Boxscore
12-May-85Quebec Nordiques5@Flyers3L Boxscore
14-May-85Flyers2@Quebec Nordiques1W Boxscore
16-May-85Quebec Nordiques0@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-May-85Edmonton Oilers1@Flyers4W Boxscore
23-May-85Edmonton Oilers3@Flyers1L Boxscore
25-May-85Flyers3@Edmonton Oilers4L Boxscore
28-May-85Flyers3@Edmonton Oilers5L Boxscore
30-May-85Flyers3@Edmonton Oilers8L Boxscore
9-Apr-86New York Rangers6@Flyers2L Boxscore
10-Apr-86New York Rangers1@Flyers2W Boxscore
12-Apr-86Flyers2@New York Rangers5L Boxscore
14-Apr-86Flyers7@New York Rangers1W Boxscore
15-Apr-86New York Rangers5@Flyers2L Boxscore
8-Apr-87New York Rangers3@Flyers0L Boxscore
9-Apr-87New York Rangers3@Flyers8W Boxscore
11-Apr-87Flyers3@New York Rangers0W Boxscore
12-Apr-87Flyers3@New York Rangers6L Boxscore
14-Apr-87New York Rangers1@Flyers3W Boxscore
16-Apr-87Flyers5@New York Rangers0W Boxscore
20-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers4W Boxscore
22-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers1L Boxscore
24-Apr-87Flyers4@New York Islanders1W Boxscore
26-Apr-87Flyers6@New York Islanders4W Boxscore
28-Apr-87New York Islanders2@Flyers1L Boxscore
30-Apr-87Flyers2@New York Islanders4L Boxscore
2-May-87New York Islanders1@Flyers5W Boxscore
4-May-87Montreal Canadiens3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
6-May-87Montreal Canadiens5@Flyers2L Boxscore
8-May-87Flyers4@Montreal Canadiens3W Boxscore
10-May-87Flyers6@Montreal Canadiens3W Boxscore
12-May-87Montreal Canadiens5@Flyers2L Boxscore
14-May-87Flyers4@Montreal Canadiens3W Boxscore
17-May-87Flyers2@Edmonton Oilers4L Boxscore
20-May-87Flyers2@Edmonton Oilers3L Boxscore
22-May-87Edmonton Oilers3@Flyers5W Boxscore
24-May-87Edmonton Oilers4@Flyers1L Boxscore
26-May-87Flyers4@Edmonton Oilers3W Boxscore
28-May-87Edmonton Oilers2@Flyers3W Boxscore
31-May-87Flyers1@Edmonton Oilers3L Boxscore
6-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals2W Boxscore
7-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
9-Apr-88Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W Boxscore
10-Apr-88Washington Capitals4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
12-Apr-88Flyers2@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
14-Apr-88Washington Capitals7@Flyers2L Boxscore
16-Apr-88Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L OT Boxscore
5-Apr-89Flyers2@Washington Capitals3L Boxscore
6-Apr-89Flyers3@Washington Capitals2W Boxscore
8-Apr-89Washington Capitals4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
9-Apr-89Washington Capitals2@Flyers5W Boxscore
11-Apr-89Flyers8@Washington Capitals5W Boxscore
13-Apr-89Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W Boxscore
17-Apr-89Flyers3@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
19-Apr-89Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins2W Boxscore
21-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
23-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers4W Boxscore
25-Apr-89Flyers7@Pittsburgh Penguins10L Boxscore
27-Apr-89Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers6W Boxscore
29-Apr-89Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins1W Boxscore
1-May-89Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens1W Boxscore
3-May-89Flyers0@Montreal Canadiens3L Boxscore
5-May-89Montreal Canadiens5@Flyers1L Boxscore
7-May-89Montreal Canadiens3@Flyers0L Boxscore
9-May-89Flyers2@Montreal Canadiens1W OT Boxscore
11-May-89Montreal Canadiens4@Flyers2L Boxscore
7-May-95Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
8-May-95Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers3W Boxscore
10-May-95Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres3L Boxscore
12-May-95Flyers4@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
14-May-95Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers6W Boxscore
21-May-95New York Rangers4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
22-May-95New York Rangers3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
24-May-95Flyers5@New York Rangers2W Boxscore
26-May-95Flyers4@New York Rangers1W Boxscore
3-Jun-95New Jersey Devils4@Flyers1L Boxscore
5-Jun-95New Jersey Devils5@Flyers2L Boxscore
7-Jun-95Flyers3@New Jersey Devils2W OT Boxscore
10-Jun-95Flyers4@New Jersey Devils2W Boxscore
11-Jun-95New Jersey Devils3@Flyers2L Boxscore
13-Jun-95Flyers2@New Jersey Devils4L Boxscore
16-Apr-96Tampa Bay Lightning3@Flyers7W Boxscore
18-Apr-96Tampa Bay Lightning2@Flyers1L OT Boxscore
21-Apr-96Flyers4@Tampa Bay Lightning5L OT Boxscore
23-Apr-96Flyers4@Tampa Bay Lightning1W Boxscore
25-Apr-96Tampa Bay Lightning1@Flyers4W Boxscore
27-Apr-96Flyers6@Tampa Bay Lightning1W Boxscore
2-May-96Florida Panthers2@Flyers0L Boxscore
4-May-96Florida Panthers2@Flyers3W Boxscore
7-May-96Flyers3@Florida Panthers1W Boxscore
9-May-96Flyers3@Florida Panthers4L OT Boxscore
12-May-96Florida Panthers2@Flyers1L OT Boxscore
14-May-96Flyers1@Florida Panthers4L Boxscore
17-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers5W Boxscore
19-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-97Flyers5@Pittsburgh Penguins3W Boxscore
23-Apr-97Flyers1@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
26-Apr-97Pittsburgh Penguins3@Flyers6W Boxscore
3-May-97Flyers5@Buffalo Sabres3W Boxscore
5-May-97Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres1W Boxscore
7-May-97Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers4W Boxscore
9-May-97Buffalo Sabres5@Flyers4L OT Boxscore
11-May-97Flyers6@Buffalo Sabres3W Boxscore
16-May-97New York Rangers1@Flyers3W Boxscore
18-May-97New York Rangers5@Flyers4L Boxscore
20-May-97Flyers6@New York Rangers3W Boxscore
23-May-97Flyers3@New York Rangers2W Boxscore
25-May-97New York Rangers2@Flyers4W Boxscore
31-May-97Detroit Red Wings4@Flyers2L Boxscore
3-Jun-97Detroit Red Wings4@Flyers2L Boxscore
5-Jun-97Flyers1@Detroit Red Wings6L Boxscore
7-Jun-97Flyers1@Detroit Red Wings2L Boxscore
22-Apr-98Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers2L Boxscore
24-Apr-98Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
27-Apr-98Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres6L Boxscore
29-Apr-98Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres4L Boxscore
1-May-98Buffalo Sabres3@Flyers2L OT Boxscore
22-Apr-99Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs0W Boxscore
24-Apr-99Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L Boxscore
26-Apr-99Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers1L Boxscore
28-Apr-99Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-Apr-99Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L OT Boxscore
2-May-99Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers0L Boxscore
13-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers3W Boxscore
14-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers2W Boxscore
16-Apr-00Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres0W Boxscore
18-Apr-00Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres3L OT Boxscore
20-Apr-00Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers5W Boxscore
27-Apr-00Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers0L Boxscore
29-Apr-00Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers1L Boxscore
2-May-00Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins3W OT Boxscore
4-May-00Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins1W 5OT Boxscore
7-May-00Pittsburgh Penguins3@Flyers6W Boxscore
9-May-00Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins1W Boxscore
14-May-00New Jersey Devils4@Flyers1L Boxscore
16-May-00New Jersey Devils3@Flyers4W Boxscore
18-May-00Flyers4@New Jersey Devils2W Boxscore
20-May-00Flyers3@New Jersey Devils1W Boxscore
22-May-00New Jersey Devils4@Flyers1L Boxscore
24-May-00Flyers1@New Jersey Devils2L Boxscore
26-May-00New Jersey Devils2@Flyers1L Boxscore
11-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers1L Boxscore
14-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
16-Apr-01Flyers3@Buffalo Sabres2W Boxscore
17-Apr-01Flyers3@Buffalo Sabres4L OT Boxscore
19-Apr-01Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-01Flyers0@Buffalo Sabres8L Boxscore
17-Apr-02Ottawa Senators0@Flyers1W OT Boxscore
20-Apr-02Ottawa Senators3@Flyers0L Boxscore
22-Apr-02Flyers0@Ottawa Senators3L Boxscore
24-Apr-02Flyers0@Ottawa Senators3L Boxscore
26-Apr-02Ottawa Senators2@Flyers1L OT Boxscore
9-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs5@Flyers3L Boxscore
11-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
14-Apr-03Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs4L 2OT Boxscore
16-Apr-03Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs2W 3OT Boxscore
19-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers4W Boxscore
21-Apr-03Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs2L 2OT Boxscore
22-Apr-03Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers6W Boxscore
25-Apr-03Flyers2@Ottawa Senators4L Boxscore
27-Apr-03Flyers2@Ottawa Senators0W Boxscore
29-Apr-03Ottawa Senators3@Flyers2L OT Boxscore
1-May-03Ottawa Senators0@Flyers1W Boxscore
3-May-03Flyers2@Ottawa Senators5L Boxscore
5-May-03Ottawa Senators5@Flyers1L Boxscore
8-Apr-04New Jersey Devils2@Flyers3W Boxscore
10-Apr-04New Jersey Devils2@Flyers3W Boxscore
12-Apr-04Flyers2@New Jersey Devils4L Boxscore
14-Apr-04Flyers3@New Jersey Devils0W Boxscore
17-Apr-04New Jersey Devils1@Flyers3W Boxscore
22-Apr-04Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers3W Boxscore
25-Apr-04Toronto Maple Leafs1@Flyers2W Boxscore
28-Apr-04Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs4L Boxscore
30-Apr-04Flyers1@Toronto Maple Leafs3L Boxscore
2-May-04Toronto Maple Leafs2@Flyers7W Boxscore
4-May-04Flyers3@Toronto Maple Leafs2W OT Boxscore
8-May-04Flyers1@Tampa Bay Lightning3L Boxscore
10-May-04Flyers6@Tampa Bay Lightning2W Boxscore
13-May-04Tampa Bay Lightning4@Flyers1L Boxscore
15-May-04Tampa Bay Lightning2@Flyers3W Boxscore
18-May-04Flyers2@Tampa Bay Lightning4L Boxscore
20-May-04Tampa Bay Lightning4@Flyers5W OT Boxscore
22-May-04Flyers1@Tampa Bay Lightning2L Boxscore
22-Apr-06Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres3L 2OT Boxscore
24-Apr-06Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres8L Boxscore
26-Apr-06Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers4W Boxscore
28-Apr-06Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-Apr-06Flyers0@Buffalo Sabres3L Boxscore
2-May-06Buffalo Sabres7@Flyers1L Boxscore
11-Apr-08Flyers4@Washington Capitals5L Boxscore
13-Apr-08Flyers2@Washington Capitals0W Boxscore
15-Apr-08Washington Capitals3@Flyers6W Boxscore
17-Apr-08Washington Capitals3@Flyers4W 2OT Boxscore
19-Apr-08Flyers2@Washington Capitals3L Boxscore
21-Apr-08Washington Capitals4@Flyers2L Boxscore
22-Apr-08Flyers3@Washington Capitals2W OT Boxscore
24-Apr-08Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens4L OT Boxscore
26-Apr-08Flyers4@Montreal Canadiens2W Boxscore
28-Apr-08Montreal Canadiens2@Flyers3W Boxscore
30-Apr-08Montreal Canadiens2@Flyers4W Boxscore
3-May-08Flyers6@Montreal Canadiens4W Boxscore
9-May-08Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
11-May-08Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
13-May-08Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers1L Boxscore
15-May-08Pittsburgh Penguins2@Flyers4W Boxscore
18-May-08Flyers0@Pittsburgh Penguins6L Boxscore
15-Apr-09Flyers1@Pittsburgh Penguins4L Boxscore
17-Apr-09Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins3L Boxscore
19-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins6@Flyers3W Boxscore
21-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers3L Boxscore
23-Apr-09Flyers3@Pittsburgh Penguins0W Boxscore
25-Apr-09Pittsburgh Penguins5@Flyers3L Boxscore
15-Apr-10Flyers2@New Jersey Devils1W Boxscore
16-Apr-10Flyers3@New Jersey Devils5L Boxscore
18-Apr-10New Jersey Devils2@Flyers3W OT Boxscore
20-Apr-10New Jersey Devils1@Flyers4W Boxscore
22-Apr-10Flyers3@New Jersey Devils0W Boxscore
1-May-10Flyers4@Boston Bruins5L OT Boxscore
3-May-10Flyers2@Boston Bruins3L Boxscore
5-May-10Boston Bruins4@Flyers1L Boxscore
7-May-10Boston Bruins5@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
10-May-10Flyers4@Boston Bruins0W Boxscore
12-May-10Boston Bruins1@Flyers2W Boxscore
14-May-10Flyers4@Boston Bruins3W Boxscore
16-May-10Montreal Canadiens0@Flyers6W Boxscore
18-May-10Montreal Canadiens0@Flyers3W Boxscore
20-May-10Flyers5@Montreal Canadiens1L Boxscore
22-May-10Flyers3@Montreal Canadiens0W Boxscore
24-May-10Montreal Canadiens2@Flyers4W Boxscore
29-May-10Flyers5@Chicago Blackhawks6L Boxscore
31-May-10Flyers1@Chicago Blackhawks2L Boxscore
2-Jun-10Chicago Blackhawks4@Flyers3W OT Boxscore
4-Jun-10Chicago Blackhawks5@Flyers3W Boxscore
6-Jun-10Flyers4@Chicago Blackhawks7L Boxscore
9-Jun-10Chicago Blackhawks4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
14-April-11Buffalo Sabres1@Flyers0L Boxscore
16-April-11Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers5W Boxscore
18-April-11Flyers2@Buffalo Sabres4W Boxscore
20-April-11Flyers1@Buffalo Sabres0L Boxscore
22-April-11Buffalo Sabres4@Flyers3L OT Boxscore
24-April-11Flyers5@Buffalo Sabres4W OT Boxscore
26-April-11Buffalo Sabres2@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-April-11Flyers3@Boston Bruins7L Boxscore
2-May-11Flyers3@Boston Bruins2L OT Boxscore
4-May-11Boston Bruins5@Flyers1L Boxscore
6-May-11Boston Bruins5@Flyers1L Boxscore
11-Apr-12Flyers4@Pittsburgh Penguins3W OT Boxscore
13-Apr-12Flyers8@Pittsburgh Penguins5W Boxscore
15-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins4@Flyers8W Boxscore
18-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins10@Flyers3L Boxscore
20-Apr-12Flyers2@Pittsburgh Penguins3L Boxscore
22-Apr-12Pittsburgh Penguins1@Flyers5W Boxscore
29-Apr-12New Jersey Devils3@Flyers4W OT Boxscore
1-May-12New Jersey Devils4@Flyers1L Boxscore
3-May-12Flyers3@New Jersey Devils4L OT Boxscore
6-May-12Flyers2@New Jersey Devils4L Boxscore
8-May-12Flyers1@New Jersey Devils3L Boxscore
17-Apr-14Flyers1@New York Rangers4L Boxscore
20-Apr-14Flyers4@New York Rangers2W Boxscore
22-Apr-14New York Rangers1@Flyers4L Boxscore
25-Apr-14New York Rangers2@Flyers1W Boxscore
27-Apr-14Flyers2@New York Rangers4L Boxscore
29-Apr-14New York Rangers2@Flyers5W Boxscore
30-Apr-14Flyers1@New York Rangers2L Boxscore

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