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Name Mark A. Ponzio
DateFri Apr 23 11:11:49 1999
LocationMiami, Florida
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Name acinc
DateMon May 10 15:05:22 1999
Homepageweb tv
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CommentYou are to be congratulated! This site has everything a flyer fan could want! It's like taking all the old hockey cards and putting them in one easy convient package! I've been a loyal Flyer fan since Southerland almost missed the boat in 67! This site is like a trip down memory lane! I especially like the files on obscure players like Bruce Gambel Who Old timers like me Remember for his brave play in the nets for the FLyers while suffering a heart attack! The word Corageous dos'nt say enough! Also Andre Laquois! He was probably the first real "player" the Flyers ever had! He was small but man what a touch with the puck!! Sorry if i bored ya!! Take care up there in the brotherland! Next time you have a Pat's Pleasurewich Enjoy it for the both of us!!Take care!!
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Name ANdrew Koo
DateMon May 10 23:02:25 1999
LocationCleveland, OH
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CommentGREAT WORK!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!
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Name mike
DateSun May 30 09:09:28 1999
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very impressive site. Must have taken a lot of work. As a fan of

Philly sports, I really enjoyed it.
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Name Shaun Ferrell
DateMon Jun 7 10:10:40 1999
Found SiteYahoo
CommentIm a HUGE Flyers fan and this is the best site ive ever been to for the Philadelphia Flyers!! Its Great!! It has everything!!
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Name Painter
DateThu Jun 10 00:18:44 1999
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CommentFlyersHistory, you're creating a model of what a team site should be. I'm not even a Flyermaniac but I keep coming back here to check out the news. You have a great group of messageboard contributors here too. I go there for the wit and the news. It's an island of civility on the internet. I've seen a lot of sites where the webmasters just slap together a page and leave it. This site is *nothing* like that. Tonight I checked the mb and saw you have added yet more here. This is a labor of love for you, isn't it? Well, it's much appreciated! I don't care what team(s) a person is a fan of, this site is well worth checking out. I wish you the best of luck with it.
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Name Taz
DateTue Jun 29 09:51:49 1999
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CommentI love your page. Itīs one of the best sites on the net. I have put a link to it from my Flyers page.
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Name Robert Heffner
DateFri Jul 16 14:54:56 1999
LocationPottsville PA
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CommentHi I just want to say that I think you did a nice Job on the page
I am a big flyers fan and I also like the eagles, phillies and sixers
My home page is called philly sports I put it up not to long ago so it's not finshed yet

But it will include stats, scores, rosters, news,and team history of the eagles, flyers, sixers, phillies

so cheek out my page and tell me what you think
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Name Scott MacLeish
DateMon Aug 23 13:33:40 1999
LocationCannington, Ontario
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CommentI think this is the best Flyers history coverage there is on the web.
I was looking up stats and info on my uncle Rick MacLeish. I found all I wanted too, and more. Keep an eye on the 2000 draft, my younger brother Jesse is currently playing with the Peterborough Petes (like our uncle did) and is elidgable in the June 2000 draft. I would like nothing more than to see another MacLeish in a Flyers jersey.

Keep up the great work!!
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Name john m. tomlinson
DateTue Aug 24 21:25:33 1999
Locationburbank, california
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CommentOutstanding site!!!!!!!!!!
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