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Name Mark Dendura
DateSun Jan 10 18:38:42 1999
LocationScarborough, Canada
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CommentI enjoy visiting just about every Flyers site but there are a few that
I make a note to visit again and again. This is one of those sites!
Pete....keep up the great work because not only does this place look good, it is indeed a library of information on Flyers History! A truly unique Flyers Page!
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DateTue Jan 12 09:53:19 1999
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Comment I love the flyers!!!!!! Yeah, baby!!! great web site....keep up the great work!!!

Let's go Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya at the parade in June '99!!!
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Name Rich
DateTue Jan 12 17:37:11 1999
LocationFayetteville NC
Found SiteLink from other site
Comment What a cool site, the best I have seen by far. I have my own web site "FLYERSouth" but it pails in comparison to yours. Great job
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Name Michael Kropp
DateThu Jan 14 21:40:59 1999
LocationRoyersford, PA
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CommentPete - this site is so much fun. Along with Mark Dendura's, and Joy's Flyertown, I really enjoy your work... I know we have been in contact re: videos (news on that coming soon, I promise!), but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site. As much as I love the current Flyers, I am so entrenched Flyers' history -and your site is a perfect compliment. Stay with it - the teams' history is so important to the true fans... I salute you! MK.
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Name bob
DateSat Jan 16 09:07:22 1999
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Commentgreat site miss watching the fly boys,
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Name stephen santella
DateMon Feb 1 12:25:06 1999
Locationpitts burgh,pa
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Commentthe flyers rock and you tooo keep up the good work.
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Name Dan Weiss
DateTue Feb 2 11:22:35 1999
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CommentGreat site!! One suggestion, if possible, make the fields sortable. This way we can sort different years, goals, players etc.

Just a suggestion. Maybe add some trivia would be good as well. Thanks for providing this site to Flyer Fans worldwide.
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Name Jack Moore
DateWed Feb 3 08:52:30 1999
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I think the Flyers should hire you to do their web site. YOURS IS BETTER !
I have been a season ticket holder since 1967. And I know the team will bring home the cup this year 1999. We put you Flyers link on our web site. And every member really likes it. Keep up the great work.
Jack Moore Chairman
Fishtown A.C. Alumni Assn.
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Name Albin
DateMon Feb 8 08:11:37 1999
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CommentHi guys !

Ever wanted to play a realistic icehockey manager simulation game on the PC ?
Download a Shareware version (Version 2.0 of 02/04/99) from my website:

Here's a short description of Al's Hockey Manager:
Create leagues according to your wishes in the league editor !
Already created: NHL, WM (world champion), Swiss, DEL, Spenglercup, Euroleague
You choose the league to play, then you choose your favorite team,
and then do the contract negotiations, transfers, tactics, training, lineups, ...
during whole seasons and see whether you're successful or not.

Have a nice time,

P.S. What about having links to each other ?
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Name Greg Sturtz
DateWed Feb 17 22:40:51 1999
LocationYorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
Found SiteSurfed In
CommentI've been a Flyer fan since 1974. This is the year for the Flyers! I thoroughly enjoyed your web site. Thanks for the great information. I plan to pass on this site location to all my Flyer buddies in Saskatchewan.
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