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Name Greg Sturtz
DateWed Feb 17 22:40:51 1999
LocationYorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
Found SiteSurfed In
CommentI've been a Flyer fan since 1974. This is the year for the Flyers! I thoroughly enjoyed your web site. Thanks for the great information. I plan to pass on this site location to all my Flyer buddies in Saskatchewan.
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Name Jack Moore
DateMon Mar 1 15:16:51 1999
LocationFishtown Phila. Pa.
Found SiteSurfed In
I have been a season ticket holder since 1967-68 I you can just feel it coming again the season. To win a cup the team must come out and play the same way every game. This team has everything but they will just not play every game like the last. I am sick about the way this team is playing. And I had better not hear anyone blame Bobby Clarke!
I know we are all tired of waiting until next year, and the next year never comes......
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Name Wolfie!
DateSun Mar 21 23:08:30 1999
LocationThe Depths of your worst nightmare...
Found SiteYahoo
CommentI was adding pics to my Sharks Page today of current netminder Scott Lagrand when it came to my attention that he'd been a Flyers Draft Pick.

(77th overall, 1988 NHL Draft.)

I found that amusing in and of itself, as I'm also a member of the PhillyPhan mailing list at

So, as I had that and a couple of other Shero quotes for the group, I thought I'd find a nice Philly History site to tag on to the post as well.

I must say...this is much nicer then I expected!!! Excellent job!

And now...maybe you can settle this controversy for us:

Has Lindros ever won any kind of a championship in his career (including Juniors!)

Some People say no, some say yes. Your input would be appreciated!

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Name Taz
DateFri Mar 26 05:57:49 1999
Found SiteLink from other site
CommentThis is one of the best page Ive found on the net. I just loooove it.
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Name Danny
DateSun Mar 28 09:37:05 1999
LocationBowie, Md, USA
Found SiteOther
CommentFlyers History is one of the nicest, most informative, and best designed webpages on the internet. I enjoyed the time I spent here, and many others will too. Keep up the good work.

My website, Danny's Domain

Danny Stern

Internet consultant, computer programmer and website designer
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Name Cindy McGrory
DateSun Mar 28 16:52:28 1999
LocationBucks County, PA, USA
Found SiteFriend
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Name KeepersDome
DateMon Mar 29 21:31:17 1999
Found SiteSurfed In
CommentHey, i love the page a lot, its great to see kick ass Flyers pages around. Come visit mine often if you like it, and click on the sponser everytime you come, it only takes a second to click on it and click back :) keep up the OUTSTANDING work!
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Name paul, or better known as flyers fan 88
DateFri Apr 2 23:33:39 1999
Locationnear philly
Found SiteLink from other site
Commentgreat site, keep up the good work...

lets go flyers, bring home the cup in 99!!!!
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Name Ki-Wai
DateFri Apr 9 22:02:13 1999
LocationWest Coast B.C.
Found SiteFriend
CommentThis by far is one of the"Best" Flyers web pages I have ever seen.
You must have done your research and really sat down for a mighty
long time in order to get this up and looking so great.Thanks anytime
I need to know about a Flyers present or past I will be sure to come
on back.FLYERS 4 LIFE!!!

Stanley here we come.Good luck to Eric Lindros in his recovery of
a very serious collapsed lung.I'm praying for ya Big E.
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Name Alexis
DateSun Apr 11 17:21:08 1999
LocationNew Jersey
Found SiteSurfed In
CommentHi Everyone,
My name is Alexis. I am the bigggest girl Flyer Fan you ever met. On my web page i will soon have a page about the Flyers i hope everyone will look at it. You would have to first go into my web page, then click on the link next page, and then click the link on that page that says Next Page. Thank you i still have to do the Flyers page so keep checkin for it.Thank You.

Your Friend,
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